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On this page you have the opportunity to browse through different cover images of China. You can rate these images and compare your ratings with others’ as well as nominate cover images that you think should be rated/discussed.

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China in the world, today and tomorrow
China is already playing an important role in the world. Most current trends indicate that China is likely to play an even more important role over the next decades. The images we have of different people, companies and countries influence the way we act and think, including if we think of them as a dialogue partner or not.

This initiative is based on the assumption that dialogue is important and will become even more important as converging trends result in increased pressures in society in the early 21st century. The objective is to encourage a discussion about the image of China with the help of covers in global magazines: What images do these covers communicate and how do these images affect us? Are there good and bad examples of images from a dialogue perspective?