Containing China

The Economist - July 1995

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Panel comments

1. Content
i. Symbols of significance
Flags: Chinese national flag
Tiananmen Square

ii. Area(s) in society that the symbols belong to
They belong to the area of politics, since the big hand catches hold of the flag symbolizing China means that powerful nations are going to contain China.

iii. Quantitative assessment
Many Chinese national flags,
1 Tiananmen Square,
1 hand,
many people.

2. Communication
i. Image/symbol(s) used to symbolize China
Chinese national flags and Tiananmen Square on the cover are used to symbolize China.

ii. Key connotations and denotations
Powerful nations are going to contain China's development.

iii. Interpretations of the key symbols, with focus on Chinese culture
Chinese people are quite energetic in the process of China's development. Thanks to the hard-working of Chinese people, Chinese economy is rising on the world stage. Afraid of the rise of China, many powerful countries want to contain China's development.

iv. Power relations in the image
Unequal power relations

v. Kind of communication

vi . Nature of relation between “China” and "others"
Hostile, since the big hand shows that the nations which want to contain China are more powerful than China.

3. Additional comments
i. Images/colors, etc
Most part of the cover is in red which is Chinese color, and it means that China is developing quickly and is on the rise.

ii. Group of images

iii. Comment about supporting image

iv. Comments about heading

4. Rating of cover image

5. Other comments

Network comments

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